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ZZ Top Experience

Winner of the 2014 Tribute Award for Best in Show! &

Honorable Mention out of 2000 Tribute acts across the USA

For decades, ZZ Top (a.k.a “That Little Ol’ Band From Texas”) has flooded the airwaves and rocked stages across the globe with a wave of blues-infused classic rock and roll with a Texas twist!

Now You can experience for your self right in your own backyard what made ZZ top the hit band they are today. A drum kit, two amps, two beards, two hats and two pair of cheap sunglasses is all you need to rock out with this Awesome tribute. 

Keeping true to their celebrity counter parts this show has all the fun moves and groove's the original Texas Trio has... along with some local customs thrown in for good measure. Their style works well with their musical philosophy: all pocket, no frills.... a blues rocking, gee-tar lickin’, drum pounding, bass thumping feast of Texas sized rock and roll.

Our version of this classic trio gives you a guitar tone that is thick and swampy, sung in a lowdown growl so husky it could be pulled by a dog sled.

Bass playing that possesses a tone that includes both a fat low end and a pinging high end which negates any potential need for a keyboardist or second guitarist. 

ZZ Top is all about loud and big, this band rocks out all the hits including.....

“Pincushion” - from the 1994 album Antenna.

“Been Waitin’ For the Bus/Jesus Just Left Chicago” and “Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers” - from the incredible Tres Hombres. 

"Legs” and Gimme All Your Lovin” from the 1983 album Eliminator: “Tush” and “Heard it on the X” from album number four, Fandango.

From the Recycler album:

“My Head’s in Mississippi” The word Mississippi is cleverly replaced with "Your Town" for major crowd pleasing effect. “Tube Snake Boogie” from the El Loco album Not to forget their most popular mega hit “La Grange” for the final encore the 

ZZ TOP’s music is always instantly recognizable, eminently powerful, profoundly soulful, and 100% Texas American in derivation, stuff of legend.

One of south florida's most entertaining live tribute acts, ZZ Top Experience is a union of red-hot Texas boogie & blues and cool Memphis soul.

I Gotsta Get Paid

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